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Assessed Values & Calculating Property Taxes in Massachusetts

From time to time I see people complaining on social media about their assessed value and their property taxes. There are many misconceptions out there, and quite frankly too many to list in this post as it is long enough. The truth of the matter is the MA courts ruled in the case of Bettigole vs. Assessors of Springfield “all property in Massachusetts must be assessed at full value and that fractional assessments or assessments below 100% of full value, as well as non-uniform assessments were unconstitutional.” A later decision gave the Department of Revenue control over the enforcement of this, and the Department of Revenue allows a Assessed/Sale Ratio of +/- 10%.

If you’d like to know more, the following are two chapters of a book I have been working on...

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Down Payment Resources

Are you sitting on the fence wondering if you should take action on buying a home?

Information is power. Consumer surveys find that home buyers are not evaluating all their options and many are potentially leaving money on the table. Below are two steps every potential buyer should take.

#1  Shop Your Loan

Many buyers simply click on a website to get “pre-approved” and stop there.  Many people think it will hurt their credit score if they apply with multiple lenders. However, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when multiple credit checks are concentrated over a short period of time they are typically treated as one inquiry and will not impact you credit score. I always tell my clients to check with their current bank or credit union...

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Chelmsford 2016 Market Review

As the busy Spring market is quickly approaching I thought I would be interesting to look at Chelmsford sales data both from an overall perspective as well as breaking it down by neighborhood to give potential buyers and sellers a better grasp of trends throughout the town.  For the neighborhood breakdown, I based it on this Chelmsford Neighborhood Map

For the third straight year Chelmsford has seen an increase in both the overall average and median sale price within the single family market in town with the number of sales increasing for the second straight year.  Low inventory levels and minimal distressed sales are two factors which have contributed to these trends.  Of the 345 single family sales in town in 2016 32...

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