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Chelmsford 2016 Market Review

As the busy Spring market is quickly approaching I thought I would be interesting to look at Chelmsford sales data both from an overall perspective as well as breaking it down by neighborhood to give potential buyers and sellers a better grasp of trends throughout the town.  For the neighborhood breakdown, I based it on this Chelmsford Neighborhood Map

For the third straight year Chelmsford has seen an increase in both the overall average and median sale price within the single family market in town with the number of sales increasing for the second straight year.  Low inventory levels and minimal distressed sales are two factors which have contributed to these trends.  Of the 345 single family sales in town in 2016 32...

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New Massachusetts Smoke Detector Regulations


Effective December 1, 2016, the Department of Fire Services will implement new regulations requiring owners of single or multi-family homes built prior to 1975 to replace expired and non-working smoke detectors with new ones equipped with a ten year sealed battery.  Compliance will be checked by Fire Departments when they conducting pre-transfer inspections.

It is important to check with your local building inspector and/or fire department for guidance as specific requirements on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors vary based on when the home was constructed or last renovated. Additional information can also be found on the Public Safety Page of the state website. Department of Public Safety – Smoke Alarm Regulations

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Best Bets to Avoid a Bidding War


This isn’t the typical post on this topic which tells you to make your best offer first, include proof of funds/financing with the offer, avoid contingencies, and have a flexible closing date. Below you will find a list of communities describing their recent history with above asking price sales as well as strategies to help you avoid situations where you may be in competition with other buyers.

Most people agree we are currently in a Seller’s market. Demand is high and in most areas inventory is low which has led to an increase in multiple offer situations (often referred to as bidding wars).  I took a look at sales data in 13 cities and towns in the Greater Lowell area to find out where was a buyer’s best chance to avoid a bidding war...

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Why You Should NOT Use Sites Like Zillow, Trulia, or for Your New Home Search


While these site offer some useful information about buying, selling, mortgages, home design, etc., below are the top 3 reasons why these sites are not a good place to conduct your home search.

  1. Money. While these sites pretend to be a source of information for buyers, these sites exist primarily to make a profit. While these sites are free for consumers to use, these sites profit from selling services to those in the real estate industry. I’ll explain how they make money below.
  2. When you click on the “Request Info”, “Contact Agent,” or “Request More Details” button, chances are you are not contacting the listing agent for that property. Instead, you will be contacted by an agent who is paying the website a monthly fee for leads...
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What’s the Difference Between an Appraisal and a Broker’s Price Opinion

A.B.C.D. Real Estate Services provides both Real Estate Appraisal Services and Real Estate Brokerage Services. While our market knowledge aides us in both arenas, these two types of services are unique and distinct services. Due to potential conflict of interest issues we cannot provide both services on the same property.

Our Appraisal Services require impartiality. These services are provided to a customer, and require the appraiser to provide an impartial opinion with no fiduciary duty to the customer.

Our Brokerage Services are provided to a client to whom we have a fiduciary duty which include:

  1. Obedience: The Broker cannot exceed the authority given by the client and must follow all lawful instructions.
  2. Loyalty: The Broker must put the client’s interest ahead of all others, inc...
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