About John


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Like most people within the Real Estate Industry, this was not my first career path. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a Criminal Justice Degree with a minor in Writing, I found myself wondering what to do for a living. In high school I thought of becoming a police officer but shifted my plans towards the law during my time at UML.


My law school plans did not work out, and after a little time in the retail world a friend of the family offered me an entry level office job in a purchasing department. After a few years there followed by a few years running the outbound dock of a trucking company and a few more years in purchasing department of a local packaging company, I found myself not enjoying the cubical life.


I had been looking to purchase a home, and found myself disappointed with the process and the agent I was working with. He did not fully explain the agency relationship, and I was unaware he was actually working for the seller. Once I realized this, I did not go forward with that deal. I met a few other agents, and I thought there had to be a better way of doing things than the way these agents were dealing with me. I began researching real estate as a potential career path, as it appeared to be a good industry in which I could reach my goal of gaining greater control over my income.


I never thought of myself as having the “Type A” personality associated with most sales people. During my research I discovered the world of appraising and started down that path. In February 2003 I enrolled in my first appraisal class, and a few months later I earned my Appraisal Trainee License and began working for a large appraisal firm based in Newton, MA. After a couple years within the industry, I noticed many agents had no clue what they were talking about and figured “if these nitwits can sell a house I sure as heck can.” So in 2005 I took the weekend salesperson class, passed the state exam, and was issued a Real Estate Salesperson License. I joined a local RE/MAX® office in Chelmsford, MA and was associated with them for a little over 5 years.


Meanwhile I was still appraising properties, and upgrade my appraisal license and became a Certified Residential Appraiser. In 2006, I started my owned appraisal company which I called ABCD Real Estate Services which stands for Appraisals, Brokerage, Consulting, & Development. I was getting ahead of myself with the name, but figured I could grow into it. Besides, I didn’t tell too many people what it stood for. Most just assumed I was trying to get my name printed first in advertising by using the first four letters of the alphabet. That’s not why I did it, but it has been an unexpected benefit from time to time. I upgrade my sales license to a Broker’s license in 2010, and in the summer of 2010 I left RE/MAX and started selling homes on my own through ABCD Real Estate Services.


Since 2003 I have appraised properties in over 100 of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts, and have appraised everything from custom, ocean from homes to log homes in Central Massachusetts. Currently my appraisal services are focused within Middlesex and Essex Counties. I have also sold everything from entry level condominiums to custom built homes. My brokerage clients have included: first time buyers, military veterans, firefighters, business owners, newlyweds, young families, and retirees.


MA Certified Residential Appraiser #70998

MA Real Estate Broker #9518896